If Your Luck Runs Out During St. Patty’s . . .

9 Quick Tips If You Get Arrested During St. Patty’s Day (Or Any Day)

  1. Always be polite and respectful, but do not answer any questions without an attorney present. You should always tell the police: “I’d like to speak to an attorney.”
  2. IF FOR A DWI, You have the right to refuse to perform the field sobriety tests and a breath/blood test. (Officer can still get a warrant for a blood sample).
  3. Write a friend’s or family member’s phone number on a piece of paper, or on your hand, arm, etc. If your phone is placed in property and the number is not memorized, then you may have a hard time making a phone call for help.
  4. Don’t tell anyone over the phone the facts of what happened. At the most, tell them the charge. (Calls may be recorded.)
  5. Remember: what (county and/or jail) you are at, what the charge is and what police department arrested you.
  6. Get in contact with someone to help you get a bail bondsman to bond/bail you out of jail. Or, if posting a cash bond, arrange for cash to be taken to the jail to post bond.
  7. You’ll have to wait to be released after posting a bond. It is not an instantaneous process. (It could take several hours).
  8. Hire an attorney as soon as possible to discuss all the facts of the case – this is covered under the attorney/client privilege.
  9. Do not discuss the facts of your case with anyone other than your attorney. If your case goes to trial, they could become a witness.