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Welcome to The Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, P.C.

The last line of defense between liberty and a lengthy prison sentence is your criminal defense attorney. We take that responsibility very seriously. We want our clients to know and experience the seriousness with which we approach each of our client’s cases. It’s about building client trust.


The client must have faith in their attorney and believe that he or she is working for them to achieve the best resolution possible.

We believe that client trust is earned through:


We listen to the client’s problem, concerns and questions.


We educate the client about the case after a careful review of the facts, investigation and having an honest in-depth conversation with the client;


Solving by strategizing a plan to resolve the case the best way possible whether that be going to trial, entering a plea, or seeking an alternative resolution, if available.

The common themes throughout this philosophy is spending time with you and your case and communicating with you in a way that gives you confidence that we are on your side and working for you!

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Kevin is a criminal lawyer devoted to his clients and to ensuring that each client gets the best representation possible. He understands the law and the criminal court system. But more importantly, he understands his clients and their needs. Whether the matter is large or small, extremely serious or simply unfortunate, Kevin will make sure that the matter is handled professionally and zealously.

Mark R. Walker, Attorney