Peer Reviews

Attorneys Attest to Credibility and Expertise of the Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, P.C.

“Kevin is a criminal lawyer devoted to his clients and to ensuring that each client gets the best representation possible. He understands the law and the criminal court system. But more importantly, he understands his clients and their needs. Whether the matter is large or small, extremely serious or simply unfortunate, Kevin will make sure that the matter is handled professionally and zealously.”

Mark R. Walker, Attorney

“Kevin Ross is a highly competent and dedicated defense attorney whom I have never hesitated to contact for any criminal related matter. I have the utmost respect and confidence in his ability to handle any issue presented to him.”

Teresa Clark Evans,

Family Law Attorney

Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslet, & Moser, P.C.

“Kevin has a unique ability to zealously represent his clients to achieve the best possible result while also shepherding them through what can be very emotional circumstances. He is the first and only person I call when I have a client or contact in need of a criminal attorney.”

Brian Clark,

Civil Litigation Attorney

Kane Russell Coleman & Logan PC

“Kevin is the first lawyer that I recommend if a client has a criminal issue. He is thorough, responsive and gets good results.”

Edward Peterson, Attorney


“I worked in the same law firm with Kevin for 10 years. He was always a tireless advocate for his clients; thorough and well prepared to deal with everything that came his way.”

Gary A. Udashen

Criminal Defense Attorney

Sorrels, Udashen & Anton

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