If you have a misdemeanor or felony record, chances are the circumstances regarding your case is public information. There are many companies that use this information to their benefit. We handle cases where we get nondisclosures granted by the court to prohibit your information from being sold to third party entities. Once a nondisclosure is granted, you can legally deny that you have been arrested for the offense.

The Law Firm of Kevin B. Ross, P.C. works to represent your best interests through careful evaluation and fair recommendations. There are instances where we do not feel that the court will grant a nondisclosure, and we are honest in our legal opinions to make sure you fully understand the reasons why and the steps you can take to position yourself for a nondisclosure in the future.

How can I get a nondisclosure?

A nondisclosure may be granted if you have satisfactorily completed a deferred adjudication probation, but this does not guarantee an automatic approval.  There are other factors that the statute governing nondisclosures take into consideration.  In addition, some types of offenses are not eligible for a nondisclosure as a matter of law.

Is there a time period involved with filing for a non-disclosure?

Anyone who has received a felony case and has completed their deferred adjudication probation must wait a period of five years. Anyone who has received a misdemeanor who has completed their deferred adjudication can immediately petition, unless their offense falls under the two-year waiting period clause.

A more extensive listing can be obtained by counsel. For more information on how we can assist in helping you obtain a non-disclosure, contact us at The Law Firm of Kevin B. Ross, P.C. today!