If you have been arrested and had charges dismissed or were found not guilty at trial, you should consider looking into having your arrest or criminal record cleared. Our firm offers expunction services to clear your record and provide a fresh start.  This is beneficial to you in moving forward.

How can an expunction help me?

An expunction is a process that removes criminal information from your record. Your criminal record can be destroyed. This will:

  • Assist in getting a job
  • Block others from seeing your criminal history
  • Allow you to legally answer no on employment applications when asked about a record
  • Assist in becoming eligible for housing assistance and student loans

Do I qualify for expunction?

There are many individuals who qualify for an expunction and are not aware. We can review the aspects of your case to determine whether or not you qualify. For more information on getting your record expunged, contact us at The Law Firm of Kevin B. Ross, P.C. today!