What To Look For In a Criminal Defense Attorney

The US Constitution gives everyone the right to legal representation and a fair trial, but every attorney interprets client care differently. A huge and often overlooked aspect of a “fair trial” is how well your attorney can represent you. This goes beyond deep knowledge of the law and experience. You deserve representation that is not only effective but also respectful of you and your needs.

Appearances Matter

There’s a common saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but science shows that first impressions do matter. People process their first impressions of someone within seconds of meeting them. It goes without saying, but if you are expected to carry yourself professionally in court, your lawyer should look and dress professionally to reflect that as well. If you fundamentally believe that appearances should not matter, consider these key points: 

  1. They matter to most people, which means they will probably matter to members of a jury and the judge overseeing your case.
  2. A lawyer that carries themselves with professionalism has a sense of dedication to not only people’s impressions of you, the client, but also themselves. Looking professional tells others that they take themselves seriously and implies that they are knowledgeable of common courtesy and the expectations of a courtroom. 

Mutual Respect

If you are being charged with a crime, there is no doubt that you are under a great deal of stress. For most people, a criminal trial can easily upturn someone’s life and create hardship. A good lawyer will understand this, but a great lawyer will empathize with you as a human being. Compassion is a trait that makes humans unique, and it’s a trait that people can actively cultivate. Your lawyer should know how to treat you with respect and never be condescending. Your needs should be met within reason, and that includes giving you hope. Regardless of the alleged offense, a lawyer should believe in the notion: “innocent until proven guilty.” A good defense strategy starts with trust. 

Although you have the right to free legal representation, these firms are often over-booked and have exhausted their time and resources. When the stakes are high, don’t be afraid to budget for high-quality legal services. When your quality of life is on the line, you get what you pay for. No matter what the circumstances, you deserve to be represented by a respectful, empathetic, and effective firm that is passionate about creating a compelling defense strategy. If you’re looking for representation, contact our team at The Law Office of Kevin B. Ross today at (214) 731-3151 or email us at contact@rosscrimlaw.com.

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