Preserving Your Reputation After Criminal Charges

There are some offenses that can impact your life long after the penalty has been paid. When we work with clients accused of emotionally-charged crimes like online solicitation of a minor or embezzlement of public funds, it’s easy to see that they’re worried about their future. Even after their case has been concluded, they’re afraid that their reputation is irreparably damaged.

In this era of cancel culture, we understand their worry. The prosecutor may forget you after your lawyer proves that the charges were a mistake, but the public may not, especially if the offense involved violence or an abuse of trust. Is your life essentially over now?

Absolutely not. Far from it. Those accused of a criminal offense can and do put it behind them. For example:

  • Singer, actor, and restaurateur Mark Wahlberg was once charged with attempted murder. 
  • Grammy winner Bruno Mars was arrested in 2010 for cocaine possession.
  • Actor Robert Downey Jr. was arrested for driving drunk and possession of crack, cocaine, heroin, and a revolver- before he became Avengers famous.

As celebrities, these three gentlemen faced public scrutiny that could have ended their high-profile careers. Instead, they went on to become A-listers. 

What to Do If You Are Facing Criminal Charges

Your initial steps after being charged can have a significant and permanent impact on your future. Take the following measures:

  • Avoid making any statements. If anyone asks you about or accuses you of an offense, don’t answer questions, make a statement, or engage in any conversation on the subject until you have consulted an attorney. Preserve this right to stay silent even if you are arrested, as anything you say can -and probably will- be misconstrued and used against you.
  • Consult with an attorney immediately. You should contact a Dallas criminal defense attorney for information and advice as soon as you hear about accusations against you, even if they are only rumors. A lawyer can advise you and communicate on your behalf with anyone who tries to question or contact you regarding the accusation.

If your charges are dismissed or you were found not guilty at trial, you can seek an expunction that clears your record and blocks others from seeing your criminal history. Your criminal defense attorney can advise whether you are eligible for this additional protection.

We Protect Futures 

It’s easy to feel hopeless after being convicted or even accused of a crime, but don’t assume that your future will be impacted forever. You’re not alone- an estimated one in three Americans have some type of criminal record, and most of them are likely doing just fine. There is hope for you too.

At the Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, we know what’s at stake for you when you’re facing criminal charges, which is why we use our skills and resources to present the strongest possible defense. We have represented clients in high-intensity federal investigations as well as cases involving inflammatory crimes like domestic violence and child exploitation, and gotten successful results for many of them. We can also help you seek an expunction for certain offenses. To learn more, contact us today at (214) 731-3151 or email us at

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