Great Evidence Can Save You From Trial

We all know that the right evidence goes a long way to prove one’s innocence in the courtroom, but with great evidence, you may not have to take the fight to the courtroom at all. Through extensive preparation and strategy, a prosecutor may realize they don’t stand a chance, and drop the charges then and there. Today we’re discussing one of our prior client’s cases where this exact situation occurred, and how it could make a big difference for you.

Our client was facing two very serious charges of injury to a child, and indecency with a child. The state passed along a plea bargain, which was 9 years in prison. Our client was understandably fearful – nearly a decade of time in prison would strike fear into almost anyone. We immediately began our preparations for trial by conducting an independent investigation, to determine the validity of the state’s evidence. What we found was that their evidence was severely lacking, and so we gathered our own, which demonstrated the flaws in their case. We also prepared an extensive defense strategy, using the evidence we collected to illustrate our client’s innocence. We were fully prepared to take this case to trial, and defend our client.

Then, on the night before the trial would begin, the state decided to drop the charges. Suddenly, our client was relieved of the weight on their shoulders, and their anxiety and fears of spending nearly a decade in prison were gone. They were able to return to their life, free from all charges. Believe it or not, this isn’t a miracle case; our hard work and preparation had convinced the state that they would lose the case, and so they decided not to pursue it. 

While this isn’t the only time we’ve had the state drop the charges against our client, it’s never something we depend on. We were fully prepared to go to trial and expected to do so. We also refused to settle for the plea bargain; we knew from the start that our client’s case was defensible, as the state’s evidence was lacking. The thoroughness of our investigation and evidence was strong enough to allow us to negotiate because we knew that the odds were in our favor. 

Just as we helped this client get the results they deserved, we’re ready to help you. We work hard to provide our clients with their best chances at a successful case. At the Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, we’re not afraid to go to trial – and that’s why we have a strong record of success. If you’re up against serious criminal charges, call our team today at (214) 833-9414 or email us at to see what we can do for you.

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