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I am putting together a list of questions that I frequently get asked.  Since these questions come up time and time again,I decided to spend some time creating a list of these questions and providing a quick answer to them on the website or in a blog post.  It’s all in the works…. In the meantime, do you have a question pertaining to criminal law or the legal process.   Click Read More

If Your Luck Runs Out During St. Patty’s . . .

9 Quick Tips If You Get Arrested During St. Patty’s Day (Or Any Day) Always be polite and respectful, but do not answer any questions without an attorney present. You should always tell the police: “I’d like to speak to an attorney.” IF FOR A DWI, You have the right to refuse to perform the field sobriety tests and a breath/blood test. (Officer can still get a warrant for a blood sample). Write a friend’s or Read More

Kevin B. Ross honored: Client Distinction Award – 2015.

Kevin B. Ross has been honored with a 2015 Client Distinction Award by Martindale-Hubbell. This honor is given to attorneys recognizing excellence in Quality of Service, Overall Value, Responsiveness and Communication Ability. Less than 1% of 900,000+ Attorneys receive this award according to Martindale-Hubbell. The post Kevin B. Ross honored: Client Distinction Award – 2015. appeared first on Law Office of Read More

Panelist: Key Case Law Developments in the Fifth Circuit (Criminal Law) April 11, 2014

Kevin B. Ross served as a panelist in a CLE video webinar entitled “Key Case Law Developments in the Fifth Circuit (Criminal Law) sponsored by the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys ( AFDA ). Mr. Ross, along with other panelists, discussed important criminal appellate cases coming out of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals from 2012-2014. The post Panelist: Key Case Law Developments in the Fifth Circuit Read More