A Primer on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

When most people hear the term “drug trafficking,” they imagine large vehicles transporting huge amounts of drugs across state (or even national) borders. In fact, while trafficking certainly does encompass the transportation of drugs, it is also used to describe a wide array of other actions involving controlled or counterfeit substances.  Definition of Federal Drug Trafficking  21 USC § 841 makes it illegal to Read More

Could You Be Unwittingly Violating the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute?

Referring patients to a specialist—podiatrist, neurologist, or ENT, for example—is a common outcome for many patients seen by general practitioners and internists. Webs of connected medical professionals are more complex than ever. While many can interpret that as one of many signs of an advancing health care system, government programs are keen to make sure medical referrals, services, and products are made in good Read More

Kevin B. Ross Named 2020 Texas Super Lawyer

For the 8th consecutive year, Kevin B. Ross has been named a 2020 Texas Super Lawyer. Honored as a Texas Criminal Defense Super Lawyer from 2013 – 2020, Kevin was named a Texas Rising Star Criminal Defense Lawyer from 2004 – 2011. Texas Super Lawyers is a service of Thomson Reuters. This honor is received by those who have distinguished themselves in their legal practice. The honor is awarded to no more than 5% of Read More

Kristen Beckman joins the Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, P.C.

https://www.rosscrimlaw.com/kristen-beckman/ The post Kristen Beckman joins the Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, P.C. appeared first on Law Office of Kevin B. Ross, P.C.. Read More

Public Intoxication – What you should know….

Often times people will get together and go out for a night on the town, to a sporting event, or to a party and find themselves in a situation where they are arrested for “public intoxication.”  What is the offense of public intoxication? A person commits the offense of public intoxication if he  appears  in a  public place  while  intoxicated  to the degree  that he is a  danger to himself or to another . TX Read More

Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client” – Abraham Lincoln Is it wise for a person to represent himself or herself when they are accused of committing a crime? The wise person says, “No.” The fool says, “Yes.” The age old wisdom of Lincoln is as true today as it was back then. Why? The simple answer is because a criminal defense attorney’s job is to protect a person and their rights from being trampled Read More

It should be about you …

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is not on anyone’s top ten list of things they want to do in life.  It’s not even on a list.  Unfortunately things happen, people find themselves in trouble with the law and the need to hire a criminal defense attorney becomes a reality. You are the client. Your situation is about you and your best interests.  That is the driving philosophy in our firm. Read More

Driving While Intoxicated – Answers to Common Questions

Good food, nice wine.  A great sporting event with a good beer. An awesome party shared with friends and cocktails.  A happy hour with coworkers at the neighborhood bar.  Most of us have had these experiences and really enjoyed them.  After the event is over, many get in their car and drive home.  Most think they are “okay” to drive, but later be suspected of and eventually arrested for driving while Read More

Kevin B. Ross awarded with the AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell – 2018

Kevin B. Ross has been awarded the AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell for 2018. This honor is given to attorneys who possess the Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards. “The AV Preeminent Rating is the pinnacle of professional excellence earned through a strenuous Peer Review Rating process that is managed and monitored by the world’s most trusted legal resource, Read More

A quick look at our office. A great place to work!

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